These items will get you started in your new endeavor of riding mountain bikes and can be done on a budget if you so choose.  At the end of this post, you will find what I ride with.

The choices for bikes are extensive and can be truly overwhelming.  There are so many options and price points that it’s difficult to know where to start.  I’d highly suggest going into your local bike shop, discuss the local trails, what’s workable for the terrain and your budget and decide from there.  I went out on different bikes numerous times before I made my purchase.  Be wise and patient because a quality bike can make or break your experience.

 A helmet is essential when mountain biking to keep your cranium safe.  Don’t scrimp when coming to this piece of the essentials and making your rides safe, fun and so you can keep going out in the future.  You can kind find good rated helmets for around $100 and up.  Take the time, research them online and always ride with a helmet.

 Gloves can be a lifesaver when out riding because trails can be rough, which will leave you with calluses and blisters.  These range from $15-40 and not just having a better grip, but some have additional padding on the palm to help with shock absorption.

 Padded shorts will save your bum when you start riding.  YES, I am serious!!!  There are different variations of shorts, from the road style which is spandex and a pad is built-in, or looser fitting shorts with a pad built-in or a separate liner that comes as a package.  You can find just the liner short and put them on under your favorite gym short which would help if on a budget.

 Always have water, whether you have water bottles attached to your frame or what I use is a camel pack hydration kit which has over 40 ounces of water and plenty of space to put in other essentials for bike maintenance and snacks for the ride.  I will put a list of essentials for your pack in a future post.  Take care of yourself even if you think it’s going to be a short ride, bring water.

 There are so many options when it comes to pedals and shoes and the decision to pick which one is best is for you to decide down the road.  But, what kind come with your bike may initially choose for you.  Just make sure that you have matching shoes so you can ride.  There are clips and flats and depending on how serious you get down the road will have you going in the direction of clips for increased performance on many levels.  Just make sure if you get clip-in pedals you match with shoes.  With flats, you can get away with just having a good traction flat bottom shoe to ride with.

 Below is what I have currently use and the price I approx. paid.

Bike – Purchased used on eBay: Trek carbon full suspension bike, under $2000

Helmet – POC Tectal Race Helmet, Approx $190

Gloves – Firelion gloves, has padding on the palm for extra comfort, Approx $15

Shorts – Fox MTB shorts, shorts with separate liner, Approx $50

Hydration pack – purchased at Costco years ago, Approx $30

Pedals and shoes – Race Face Chester Pedals and 510 Shoes, and when I ride clipped in Shimano Clips and Shoes, Approx $100-150 for set

 If you want to know more specifics of the products, please message at [email protected].  Enjoy the Ride!